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The Happy Place

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The Happy Place is an online support community and discussion forum for people in India, who are suffering through depression and other Mental Health concerns. The main aim behind this project is to spread awareness about, and strike off the stigma around mental illnesses, especially depression, in the Indian society.
It is an online platform for people to talk about their struggles with depression, to share their stories, to help someone else cope, and in general form a supportive community to make it just a little bit easier for someone suffering through a mental illness.
The idea is that since mental illness is not visible on the outside, there is not much support in the community which helps in coping with it. However, it is as real as any other physical illness. To fill in this gap, the happy place provides a resourceful blog and an online support forum.
It describes the details and symptoms of various mental health issues at the same time trying to bust the myths floating around it. The blog posts are there to share stories and ideas related to the subject.
The discussion forum provides an outlet for people to reach out to others, anonymously, so that they can deal with their feelings and issues without feeling judged.
It also contains a space for confessions and an opportunity for people who are lonely, or who have no one to talk to, to join a discussion or a chat with a stranger and share their feelings anonymously. There is also scope to enable 24-hour support and potentially carry out an online service for people who need someone to talk to, need someone to just listen, anytime of the night or day.
It is made by people who are passionate about the subject and wish to never let anybody suffer to the point of harming themselves. There is no involvement of any medical professionals, neither any experts. Just a team of young individuals who have either themselves gone through, or have supported someone close to them, going through a mental illness.

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